Thurmaston Garden & Floristry Centre Title
Welcome to Thurmaston Garden & Floristry Centre.
Here at Thurmaston Garden Centre we offer a friendly and professional service that we hope will make you come back and visit us time and time again. We stock a wide range of product ready for you to take away, or for us to deliver to your door step.
Our delivery service, Garden Centre and Florists is open 7 days a week!
Open 7 Days
Thurmaston Garden Centre Shop Front
Garden & Floristry Centre
0116 260 7234
Est 1950
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We are a traditional, family run Garden Centre, offering down to earth advice in plant selection, plant care and landscaping ideas. We stock a large range of out door pots, stone-ware, gravels and composts.
Our florists are available every day to discuss your requirements for bouquets, hand-ties, funeral tributes and wedding arrangements.
We also stock a range of gifts (come and see our range of wind chimbs!!!)
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